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The Science of Website Layout: Triple Your Growth and Sales with These 5 Tricks

Why is This the Perefect Website Layout?

The Science of Website Layout Triple Your Growth and Sales with These 5 Tricks



Imagine unlocking the power of a scientifically proven website layout and experiencing tripled growth and sales as a result. That's exactly what Mike achieved by uncovering the behaviors of real users on his website. He discovered where they were getting stuck and why they were leaving. Armed with this knowledge, he made strategic changes that led to remarkable success. The secret behind Mike's transformation lies in utilizing advanced eye-tracking software that reveals precisely where users' attention is focused and what they tend to ignore. 

The best part? You don't have to conduct expensive studies and tests on your own website because the science is already available. Experts have identified the optimal layout for maximum impact on any website. In this article, we will explore five layout tricks that, when combined, create a scientifically perfect website. Get ready to learn how to leverage each trick to captivate your audience and boost your business.


1. The Power of Clarity Above the Fold


When visitors land on your website, it's important to understand that they don't approach it like a novel they settle in to read. Instead, your website is more like a billboard they encounter on their journey. They are seeking signs and signals that indicate you have what they need. If they don't see those signs within seconds, they will swiftly move on. To make a great first impression, focus on creating an immediate hook in the hero section above the fold. This is the top portion of your website that is visible without scrolling. Within those critical few seconds, you must convey what you offer, why it matters, and what action users should take to obtain it.


A compelling hero section consists of the following elements:


a Main Headline: Emphasize the value, result, or transformation that entices your customers.


b Sub Headline: Provide a supporting statement that explains how you can deliver the desired result.


c Call-to-Action Button: Use a specific action-oriented phrase, such as "Schedule a Free Consultation" or "Download this Lead Magnet."


Remember to position these elements on the left side of the page. Since people in the Western world read from left to right, they instinctively focus their attention on the left side of the screen. By aligning your important content on the left, you leverage this natural tendency and increase the likelihood of capturing users' attention.


2. Harnessing the Power of High-Quality Images


The quality of images on your website plays a significant role in attracting attention. Studies conducted by usability expert Jacob Neelen have revealed some interesting findings. Wide images tend to be more appealing, as people spend more time looking at them compared to smaller images. Additionally, photos featuring faces tend to garner the most attention. To make a lasting impression, consider using high-resolution, high-quality images that showcase happy customers. Real people in these images, rather than stock photos, are more attention-grabbing. Make sure the person in the photo is facing forward, as this creates a sense of approachability.


3. Crafting Engaging Long-Form Content

The Science of Website Layout Triple Your Growth and Sales with These 5 Tricks

If you want visitors to engage with longer content, such as sales landing pages or About Us sections, there's a simple trick: think big. Studies have shown that visibly larger introductory paragraphs improve attention. By increasing the size of the first sentence in your opening paragraph, you draw readers in and communicate the importance of the message. Focus on highlighting the most compelling pain points your visitors are experiencing. 

To make your content skimmable yet engaging, bold key phrases throughout the text. These bolded phrases serve as signposts for readers who are skimming. Identify the three key ideas you want readers to take away and emphasize them through bold formatting. By following this approach, you create content that is easy to skim while still captivating those who read it in-depth.


4. Optimizing the Right Side of the Page


While the left side of the page commands the most attention, it doesn't mean the right side should be neglected. Everything above the fold on your website is prime real estate and should convey positive aspects of your business. Building upon Jacob Neelen's research, make sure to include high-quality images on the right side of the page. These images should feature happy customers and be at least one column wide. By avoiding pixelated or blurry photos and opting for authentic, relatable visuals, you enhance your website's professionalism and appeal.


5. The Science of the Left Side


Given that users spend approximately 80% more time looking at the left side of a web page, it's crucial to strategically position your important content on this side. Arrange your two-column sections with the service or information you want to highlight on the left. In your About Us section, place the text on the left and the accompanying image on the right. As for your hero section, position the header, subheader, and call-to-action button on the left side. By aligning your content with users' natural reading habits, you create a seamlessexperience that guides their attention and enhances their understanding of your message.




By implementing these five scientifically proven website layout tricks, you can significantly improve user engagement, increase conversions, and boost sales. Remember to prioritize clarity above the fold, harness the power of high-quality images, craft engaging long-form content, optimize the right side of the page, and strategically position important content on the left side. These techniques leverage the natural tendencies and behaviors of users, allowing you to create an intuitive and captivating website experience. Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing the science of website layout and watch your business thrive.

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