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How to Get Ahrefs for Free: Methods for SEO Analysis

 How To Get Ahrefs For Free?

How to Get Ahrefs for Free Methods for SEO Analysis



Are you looking to improve your website's SEO performance but hesitant to invest in expensive tools? In this blog post, we'll explore two methods to access Ahrefs, a popular SEO tool, for free. By utilizing these methods, you can easily audit your website, check backlinks, and analyze your SEO performance without breaking the bank. Let's dive in!


Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

How to Get Ahrefs for Free Methods for SEO Analysis

One way to access Ahrefs for free is by using Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, which is a light version of the full tool. Follow these simple steps to get started:


1. Sign up for a free account:

Visit the Ahrefs website and sign up for a free account. Simply input your email address and follow the onboarding process.


2. Connect with Google Search Console:

Once you have signed up, you'll be prompted to connect your Google Search Console data. This integration allows you to leverage your existing data for better SEO analysis.


3. Dashboard Overview:

After completing the setup, you'll be presented with the dashboard. Here, you can add multiple websites without any limitations. Although your data might be limited in the beginning, it will gradually populate as your website gains more traction.


4. Analyzing your website's performance:

The dashboard provides valuable insights such as Domain Rating (DR), backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords, and organic traffic. Pay close attention to the number of referring domains and backlinks, ensuring they are well-balanced to maintain a healthy link profile.


5. Monitoring organic keywords:

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools allows you to track your website's organic keywords. By analyzing the top 100 keywords, you can assess your website's performance and identify areas for improvement.


6. Competitor analysis:

A unique feature offered by Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is the competitor map. It shows domains that target similar keywords to yours, providing valuable insights into your competition's strategies.


7. Broken pages and redirects:

Utilize the CW Pages feature to identify broken pages and redirects. Fixing these issues will improve user experience and ensure your outgoing links are directing visitors to active pages.


8. Backlink analysis:

Explore the backlink profile of your website using Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. You can filter backlinks based on various criteria such as Domain Rating, link type, and follow/nofollow attributes.


Although the free version of Ahrefs Webmaster Tools has its limitations, it provides essential SEO data for your website's optimization journey.


Free SEO Tools and Bookmarklet

How to Get Ahrefs for Free Methods for SEO Analysis

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to extract data from Ahrefs without signing up, you can use free SEO tools and a convenient bookmarklet. Follow these steps:


1. Accessing Ahrefs data:

Visit the Ahrefs website and navigate to their SEO tools section. While the free version offers limited features, it can still be helpful in checking website authority, backlinks, and broken links.


2. Backlink analysis:

Use the backlink checker tool to analyze the backlinks of any website. Simply enter the website URL, such as "Authority Hackers," and explore the results. This information can be useful for outreach and identifying potential link-building opportunities.


3. Broken backlink analysis:

The Ahrefs tool also offers a broken backlink checker. By inputting a website URL, such as "Authority Hackers," you can discover broken links on that site. This analysis is crucial for both outreach purposes and fixing broken links on your own website.


4. Using the bookmarklet:

To make the data more manageable and exportable, use the Ahrefs bookmarklet. This convenient tool automatically copies all the desired information, allowing you to paste it into a spreadsheet for further analysis.


By combining free SEO tools with the Ahrefs bookmarklet, you can access valuable data and streamline your SEO analysis process.


Uncovering Broken Links and SEO Opportunities


Managing broken links and seizing SEO opportunities are essential tasks for website owners and marketers. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore effective methods to overcome broken links and maximize your SEO potential. We'll delve into utilizing Best Buy links, employing the "Eternal links" approach, leveraging free tools like the Broken Link Checker, and leveraging the power of Ahrefs. Let's dive in and optimize your website for success!


1. Best Buy Links: The Solution to Broken Links

One way to effectively address broken links is by utilizing Best Buy links. By employing the HT http code and transforming it into a 404 error, you can identify broken links. This approach allows you to spot broken links easily and ensure a seamless user experience. Additionally, you can employ the "Eternal links" technique, which involves double-checking your content and using the free Broken Link Checker tool. To make the process even more streamlined, you can use the Ahrefs bookmarklet. Simply copy and paste the provided search operator into Google, modifying it with your domain, to locate unlink brand mentions and rectify them.


2. Ahrefs: Unleashing the Power of Audits

Ahrefs offers a range of features to enhance your SEO efforts. One valuable tool is the Ahrefs Audit, which can be accessed through a WordPress plugin or the Ahrefs interface. Conducting an audit helps you thoroughly analyze your URLs, identify crawling issues, and ensure your website is optimized for search engines. The audit feature simplifies the process of checking your URLs and provides a centralized platform to review and optimize your content. While exploring the audit, you can also inspect the anchor text and backlink profile, further enhancing your SEO strategy.


3. Ahrefs Web Explorer: A Free Tool Worth Exploring

For those seeking a free alternative, Ahrefs Web Explorer is an excellent option. While it offers limited features compared to the paid plans, it still provides valuable insights. With Ahrefs Web Explorer, you can analyze your website's backlinks, track keyword rankings, perform competitor analysis, and uncover content opportunities. Although the free version has its limitations, it serves as a helpful starting point for beginners and small-scale projects.


4. Choosing the Right Ahrefs Plan

If you decide to invest in Ahrefs, consider selecting the appropriate plan based on your needs. Ahrefs offers a light plan, standard plan, and advanced plan. While the light plan may seem appealing initially, it may not provide access to all the essential features. It's recommended to opt for the standard or advanced plan, especially if you're managing multiple websites or require comprehensive keyword research and backlink analysis. However, if Ahrefs doesn't fit your requirements, alternatives like SEMrush can also be explored.


Conclusion: Maximize Your SEO Potential


Effectively managing broken links and seizing SEO opportunities are crucial for website owners and marketers. By utilizing Best Buy links, employing the "Eternal links" approach, leveraging the Ahrefs Audit, and exploring Ahrefs Web Explorer, you can enhance your website's performance and visibility. Remember to choose the right Ahrefs plan based on your requirements to unlock advanced features. With these strategies in place, you'll be well-equipped to optimize your website and achieve your SEO goals. 
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