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Captivating YouTube Shorts: Monetize Your Channel with Cap Cut's New AI Features

How Capcut AI Made my Channel!

Captivating YouTube Shorts: Monetize Your Channel with Cap Cut's New AI Features



Are you ready to take your YouTube shorts channel to the next level? With the brand new AI features of Cap Cut, you can create engaging and monetizable videos in no time. In this post, we'll explore how to leverage Cap Cut's AI tools to generate captivating content for your YouTube shorts channel, focusing on the exciting space niche. Buckle up as we uncover the five little-known facts about space that will keep your audience hooked!


Script Creation with Cap Cut's AI Writer


To kickstart your video creation process, open Cap Cut and navigate to the "Script to Video" tab. Here, you have two options: let the AI writer generate a script for you or write your own. For our space-themed video, we'll choose to write our own script. To ensure a captivating script, we'll employ the help of Claude AI, who will provide us with a 15-second video script comprising five interesting facts about space.


Video Production with Cap Cut's AI Tools

Captivating YouTube Shorts: Monetize Your Channel with Cap Cut's New AI Features

Once we have our script, it's time to head back to Cap Cut and unleash the power of its AI tools. Simply paste the script into Cap Cut's interface, choose a voice that resonates with your content, and hit the "Generate Video" button. Opt for the "Smart Generation" option to leverage Cap Cut's materials for an even more polished result.


AI Writer:

Cap Cut's AI Writer is a powerful tool that can generate scripts for your videos. If you're looking to save time or need inspiration, you can rely on the AI Writer to create a script for you. Simply provide some details or prompts, and the AI will generate a script based on your input. This feature is especially useful if you're exploring different niches or want to experiment with various topics.


Smart Generation:

When generating videos using Cap Cut, you have the option to choose "Smart Generation." This feature utilizes Cap Cut's vast library of materials, including video clips, images, and animations, to create a more polished and professional-looking video. By leveraging these materials, you can enhance the visual appeal of your YouTube shorts and make them stand out.


AI Characters:

Cap Cut allows you to add AI characters to your videos, making them more engaging and relatable to your audience. These AI characters can serve as narrators, presenters, or simply add visual interest to your videos. You can choose from a variety of avatars that resemble real humans and customize their appearance to fit your brand or style. Adding AI characters can significantly enhance viewer engagement and help build a connection with your audience.


Customization Options:

Cap Cut offers a range of customization options to make your videos unique. You can adjust the aspect ratio of your video to fit the YouTube shorts format, add background music or sound effects to enhance the viewing experience, and replace the provided video clips with your own footage. These customization features allow you to put your personal touch on the content and align it with your branding.


Consistency and Variety:

Building a consistent presence on YouTube is crucial for growing your channel. With Cap Cut, you can create a recognizable avatar or AI character that appears across multiple videos. By altering the character's appearance, clothing, or hairstyle, you can maintain consistency while offering variety in your content. This approach helps viewers connect with your channel and builds a loyal audience base.


Remember, YouTube shorts are all about concise and engaging content. Keep your videos short and focused, delivering valuable information or entertainment within a limited timeframe. Cap Cut's AI features provide you with the tools to create visually appealing, professionally produced videos that can help you monetize your YouTube channel and captivate your audience.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced content creator, Cap Cut's AI-powered tools can streamline your video production process and unlock new possibilities for your YouTube shorts. Start experimenting with these features, explore different niches, and watch your channel thrive!


Enhancing Engagement with AI Characters


Now that we have an entire video generated for us, let's take it up a notch. To make your YouTube shorts videos more engaging, we'll demonstrate how to get more views and captivate your audience. Start by adjusting the aspect ratio to fit the YouTube shorts format. Then, click on the "Mute Audio" tab to remove the original voice-over.


Enter AI Characters


To truly enhance engagement, we'll introduce AI characters to our video. Click on the text box and navigate to the "AI Characters" section. Here, you can choose an avatar that resembles a real human. Select a character and add her to the video. Repeat this step for each text box, giving your viewers a face to connect with throughout the video.


Customizing Avatar Appearance

Captivating YouTube Shorts: Monetize Your Channel with Cap Cut's New AI Features

To avoid obstructing the video content, adjust the avatar's position by accessing the character settings. Choose the "Circle Frame" option and position the avatar in the bottom right corner. This way, your viewers can see the face while enjoying the visuals. Continue adding the AI avatar to each text box and adjust the timeline to ensure a seamless viewing experience.


Adding a Personal Touch


To further enhance your video, consider adding a suitable background track. If you're not satisfied with the provided music, click on the "Audio" tab and search for space-related tracks. Adjust the volume to your preference and listen to how it complements the video. Remember, music can add depth and emotion to your content, but it's entirely optional.


Customizing Video Clips

Captivating YouTube Shorts: Monetize Your Channel with Cap Cut's New AI Features

To make your video even more captivating, you can replace the provided clips with your own. Click on the clip you want to replace, access the media library, and search for relevant clips related to space. Drag and drop the desired clip onto the timeline, select "Replace Clip," and witness your video transform with minimal effort.


The Power of Consistency and Variety


One of the advantages of Cap Cut's AI tools is the ability to create a consistent avatar across multiple videos. By altering the character's appearance, clothing, and hairstyle, you can maintain a recognizable presence while offering fresh content. This personal touch adds personality and relatability to your channel, keeping your audience engaged.




Congratulations! You've successfully utilized Cap Cut's AI features to generate a captivating YouTube shorts video in the space niche. With the ability to write scripts, add AI characters, customize video clips, and enhance engagement, you're well on your way to monetizing your channel and growing your audience. Remember to create short, fast-paced, and engaging videos that deliver valuable content. Don't forget to explore other AI-driven features of Cap Cut to unlock even more potential for your YouTube shorts channel. Start creating today and let your creativity soar among the stars!
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