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Do you need a beautiful skin tone? Try the magic color of California in the cabin.

 Do you need a beautiful skin tone?

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Tanned skin is a crazy fashion that is sweeping California and even the rest of the world. But health experts and health professionals constantly warn people about the dangers of excessive UV exposure, which can be picked up while sunbathing, in tanning beds, and in solar lamps. Ultraviolet radiation, contrary to popular belief, is not only one type but also two types: UVA and UVB. UVB is the type that causes sunburn, while UVA is more associated with deeper penetrating radiation. 

So actually it is ultraviolet radiation that makes tanning really dangerous. But that all changed with the arrival of California Magic Tan Booth. It offers sun or ultraviolet-free tanning technology never seen before.

California Magic Tan Booth uses a special type of skincare that combines skin treatments with the latest comfort technology that supports skin health and provides customers with the best tanning options. The tanning equipment has an integrated hair dryer and is also resistant to constant fogging so that customers feel comfortable and relaxed during your tanning session. 

Excellent results of Magical Tanning

The California Magic Tan Booth also uses automatic HVLP turbine technology (short for high volume low pressure), which is very effective in the air supply process. This allows the air to move through the fog nozzles at high speed. The advantage of this is that customers get the best tanning coating without much fog. In addition, it also helps to achieve a more sustainable tan. 

From a technological point of view, the California Magic Tan Booth cannot be compared to other tanning booths because it does not use air compressors but uses a turbine stored in a spray column. This type of design saves space and minimizes noise, increasing ease of use. 

Magic Tan Useful Options

The California Magic Tan Booth offers health benefits packaged in a completely unique, automated spa featuring a variety of skin treatments such as:

1. Before going out in the sun, a moisturizing spray creates an Aloe Vera-based skin cream with a PH-balanced formula that moisturizes skin cells and controls surface oil. This skin application perfectly improves the retention of the sunscreen solution on the skin

2. The skin tanning solution combines the right amount of DHA and erythrulose for a unique tanning effect. The unique combination of the above substances helps to create a natural color that lasts longer than any other available tanning remedy.

3. An anti-aging moisturizer is a skin therapy that revitalizes the skin and gives it a new and youthful look.

4. Skin Defining Maximizer UV cream uses a revolutionary spray technology that combines ingredients with revitalizing and firming properties. Thanks to this, customers get not only a beautiful tan but also the opportunity to tighten their flabby skin. 

Magic Tanning Results

California Magic Tan Booth also uses environmentally friendly tanning technology. Jul acts as an integrated air purification column, which creates a clean and clean atmosphere and prevents polluted air from entering the environment. And the air released by the tanning bed passes through the filter, where it is automatically cleaned, leaving the interior of the booth perfectly clean and with the smell of freshness.

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