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Cat breeds and 10 amazing species


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Historical reference about cats

We all know that cats are really loving and wonderful creatures. Nowadays it is not uncommon to see a cat in almost every house, sleeping on a windowsill or lying in the arms of its owners. Although cats have been popular pets for as long as most people can remember, they haven't been domesticated for less than 5,000 years. Domestication took place in the Nile Valley, as evidenced by recent research.

At first, people were very grateful to the cats and encouraged them to be with them and feed them various scraps. As soon as they are fed and realize that humans do not pose a threat, cats are transferred to human owners forever. Over time, even the wildest cat allows people to approach them, and they often catch and touch them.

Cats are very faithful and beloved pets

In those days, cats were very faithful and beloved pets. They turned out to be excellent hunters since in December they slept at short intervals and woke up much easier than dogs. Cats also have better night vision and hearing than dogs. If a person walks around the house or hears suspicious sounds, he wakes up while dogs are sleeping around him. People loved the presence of cats and it seems that they also get along with dogs.

Nowadays, cats are used to socializing and showing off. Many of them are no longer used for catching mice and rodents. There are many breeds, from the traditional cat to the well-known Siamese. All breeds are unique in their own way, and if you take care of them, they will bring you friendship for many years.

Have a healthy cat and pet it gently

Before you buy an older kitten or cat, you must first check the source. When buying a kitten from a breeder, you need to make sure that the breeder has a good reputation. You should also make sure that the cat's straw is clean and in good condition. Cats that are still there should not be crowded, and their environment should be clean. Jul. Trash cans should be stored there, and a container with food and water should be clean and full. Jul. Cats should not be in a cage, but they can walk freely. All existing cats should look healthy, with shiny fur and without ribs.

When caring for a cat, you need to get used to touching and touching it. The cat should be cute and at least not be afraid. Cats that are treated as young usually have a better temperament. The best breeders do not allow their young to leave the nest until they are about 12 weeks old, and some wait until the young are 16 weeks old. In this way, breeders ensure that the cat is healthy and its immune system is well developed.

10 Amazing Types of Cats

10 Amazing Types of cats, top 10 cat breeds,cat breed,10 most popular cat breeds,expensive cat breeds,most popular cat breeds,top 10 most beautiful cat breeds,rare cat breeds,cat breeds for beginners,cats breeds,top 10 most beautiful cat breeds in the world,best cat breeds for indoors,best cat breeds for first time owners,best cat breeds for cuddling,cutest cat breeds,rarest cat breeds,feline breeds,breeds of cats

Turkish Angora

Miller states that the long-haired Turkish angora was described as "elegant, elegant, with a fascinating history".

Long-haired cats from Iran and Armenia (eastern Turkey) 16. The century has come to Europe. A specimen of this breed appeared in Buffon's Natural History in 1756, and apparently, the breed came to the United States today in the late 1700s. Initially, Persians and Angoras were brought up together. In 1900, the Turkish government established a breeding program at the Ankara Zoo to preserve the pure white angora. Americans bought cats directly from the zoo in 1960, and the popularity of the breed increased sharply in this country.


Birman, a silky cat with snow gloves and adorable blue eyes, wears a shiny medium-length coat that is not knitted. "A remarkable detail is that the white gloves, which are also visible on the hind legs, extend a fifth to the back of the thigh," says Miller.

The Birman jacket is softer than a cashmere sweater and has a length with a slightly longer collar and a fluffy tail. Swollen but large, the Birmans are born white and then get dotted, stigmatizing, blue, chocolaty, purple, traditional shades, but the palms also get striped, red dots, and diluted AMI cream. With his sweet facial expression and irresistible fur, Birman expresses beauty in all colors.

Russian Blue

This light blue double coat with silver details, soft as a teddy bear, and elegance and style to Russian blue, it's an elegant cat with a slim, well-built but muscular body.

Bright emerald eyes emphasize the gentle wedge-shaped head of Russian blue. Originally from northern Russia, the breed almost died out in England after the Second World War. In the late 60s, American breeders imported cats from Scandinavia and began a 30-year work, during which they managed to restore the original appearance of the Russian Blue cat. Now the blues has impeccable beauty, develop wit and cheerfulness.


The striking Abyssinian breed, one of the oldest breeds, has a silky and textured coat, large expressive eyes, and a beautiful color without streaks and streaks accentuated by teak wood.

"My favorite is Rudd AB Abyssinian, a combination of deep orange-brown and teak black that gives the coat a dazzling sheen unlike any other cat," says Miller, adding that my father's KFA-approved colors are intense reds, tans, and blues.

Active dad is slim and muscular, very similar to cats in paintings and sculptures of cats of Ancient Egypt. A cat who loves people, Dad, is not content to sit on her lap and look at her admiringly - he wants to be at work.


"This breed is the epitome of ethereal beauty," says Miller. "Of particular note is the white Persian with beautiful bright copper eyes, a cute expression, and a purebred coat without yellow spots.”

Persians in 1800 were valued in England for their stocky physique and long fur, they were pampered pets, and over time they were perfected by breeders into the breed we know today. Moderna Persian cats have defined and elegant bodies with massive shoulders, heavy bone structures, and short legs. Persian calico Persian clothes appeared in an advertisement for a certain "fashionable" cat food brand, but the best KFA for cats of 2014 was Persian calico clothes.

Maine Coon

According to Miller, the size, physique and this beautiful fur coat of the Maine Coon can "never" turn the viewers of the show into an impressive horror." "Males are especially cute cats, some weigh more than 20 pounds, have a rectangular body shape, and a huge tail.”

The functional beauty of the Maine Coon reflects its history as a stable cat of the North Inglaterra. Su fur combines curly and frizzy guard hairs and thick, soft hairs that repel snow and rain. "Thick, short hair that adapts to the skin is resistant to abrasion, while the strands and toes warm the ears and relax the feet," says Miller. The voluminous tail envelops the warmth and between sleep. In more than 70 colors, the intelligent and dedicated Maine Coon shows its practical beauty, and these beautiful coats require surprisingly little care.


The most famous cat beauty - even non-cats can see a Siamese!- The strong, satin-finished Siamese is what Miller calls "the epitome of balance and sophistication"." The Siamese with neat tubular constructions, large pointed ears, and a royal triangular head were the cats of the "colored spots" of the kings in ancient Siam (now Thailand), who worked as palace guards.

In 1871, the oldest place of the Siamese seal appeared at the first national exhibition at the CRST, and AMI said: "But the cat has caused a stir among the coastal birds."


Like the Ocicat, this breed resembles the forest cat, a breed born in 1958 from the vision of a man who wanted a cat that looked like a miniature black panther.

Pompeians are relatively rare, and their short, muscular bodies come from the crossing of a Burmese breed with short hair and black Americans with deep, copper-colored eyes. With an average size, musculature, and a short muzzle on a round head, Bomba sembra looks like a small tiger, whose midnight fur emphasizes its tiger movements every November.


Animal tracks, which ones? This adorable spotted pearl is like a forest cat, but as Miller explains: "It is a specimen of a breed created by a hybrid called Ibrido."

The bones were surprised in 1964, when a man raised a Siamese in an Abyssinian, hoping to achieve a sharp result. The Tonga kitten was born with a golden pattern with bright spots and 23 years later, after adding a few American short hairs to add the silver color, the fully developed Ocicat won the status of CFA champion in 1987.  Elegant, athletic, and muscular, with a curved neck, real Australians have dark fingerprint spots scattered over a lighter coat resembling a classic tabby.

Cornish Rex

 The King of Cornwall wears a "Rock Marcel" coat and a slender, leggy physique, but his fragile elegance hides the muscular body of the AMI. "The Cornish King Armonica Soundboard is considered the most racially beautiful of all cat breeds, it always seems to be in motion," says Miller.”

The exceptionally soft fur of the King of Cornwall: high cheekbones, a soundboard, oval eyes, and huge ears create a charming look. Loved for his exotic kitten and his coat that demands affection, the King of Cornwall.


There is nothing wrong with cats that are healthy. You can buy a kitten from a reputable breeder through a local newspaper or an adoption agency. Kittens can also be taken out of the kennel, although people often do not like this option. No matter what method you choose to follow, you should always make sure that your cat is healthy. If you get a healthy cat, then you will not encounter many problems later on the street. Healthy cats have been treated-usually everything is up to date, including vaccinations.

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