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Things to Consider When Buying a Tanning Bed and the Health Benefits

 Things to Consider When Buying a Tanning Bed and the Health Benefits

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The idea of having a tanning bed is appealing to some people. You can get a tan whenever you want, day or night, if you have a bed at home. You won't need to race to the salon before it closes or drives across town. Although they can be pricey, if you regularly tan, the investment may end up being very worthwhile.

Only this speedy substitute strikes a balance between the anticipated health advantages and possible harms of indoor tanning.

What to Check for in Sunbeds

The bed's design.

In terms of bed design, you essentially have two options: a conventional horizontal bed and a standing booth. Consider a standing booth if you don't have a room or a lot of space to dedicate to a horizontal bed. These can be put in a corner and take up less room in your house. Basically, the decision will depend on your preferences and the amount of space you have.

The Bed's Light Bulbs

The most crucial component of a bed is the type of tanning bed bulbs used. UVA and UVB rays are used in beds, or UVA only. The question of which bulbs are better for your skin is contentious. Regardless of the type of bulbs used, there really is no safe way to tan, so you should take safety measures to prevent skin damage.

When it comes time to replace the bulbs in your bed, you must be able to precisely identify the types that are being used. You must be careful to purchase the proper bulbs because they are not interchangeable. Examine the location of the bulbs as well. How simple will it be to replace them? You want to be sure that this task will be simple to complete because you will probably be doing it yourself.

Special Features

A face tanner and a cooling system are the best extras to look for. You can get the best possible tan all over your body with the help of the face tanner. These have special bulbs in the facial region that aim light at this area, which can be challenging for some people to tan.

If you easily become overheated inside of a bed, a cooling system is essential. The cooling fan will prevent overheating of your skin. You should be careful not to abuse this feature in bed. Even if you can't feel the heat, you might still be tanning. Staying in bed for an excessive amount of time can damage your skin and contribute to overexposure.

Home tanning bed options

Traditional tan beds are the norm in homes. These make use of common, fluorescent-tube-like bulbs. High-Pressure Beds are an additional option for bedding. These replace conventional lamps with high-pressure quartz bulbs. Because the gas inside the bulb has a slightly higher pressure than the atmosphere, they are referred to as high-pressure bulbs.

You can only tan one side of these beds at a time. Halfway through your session, you will need to switch. These are frequently preferred by many people over conventional beds for comfort. These are typically found in salons, but if you shop for used equipment, you might find one.

Buying second-hand tanning beds

An inexpensive alternative to an expensive new home bed is a used bed. You can frequently find a high-quality bed for the same price as a cheap one. Before buying a new bed, you should take the following factors into account:

1. Verify that the bed you are considering complies with all applicable state and federal safety standards. You should ensure the bed you purchase is secure because these frequently change. The owner of a tanning salon is a good resource for information on safety guidelines. Another excellent resource for information is the internet, where most states post laws governing salon owners.

2. Determine how frequently the bed was used. It has probably seen a lot of use if it was initially used in a salon. Beds that have been purchased for use at home occasionally end up being barely used. These can be great because they allow you to purchase a gently used bed for a significant discount.

3. Examine the difference in cost between a user and a brand-new bed. It is better for you if the difference is greater.

4. Inquire about the functionality and any recent repairs. Inquire about the maintenance that has been performed as well as the last time the bulbs were changed. A bed that has been well-maintained is what you want.

5. Inquire about the remaining duration of the warranty.

Advantages of Indoor Tans

Darkens Jaundice Complexion

If you struggle with jaundice skin, you are aware of how important it is to stay out of the sun at all costs. See, the delicate skin caused by jaundice is susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer from the direct sunlight's highly concentrated harmful rays.

In contrast, the bilirubin is broken down by filtered UV rays from the sun or tanning beds, making it easier for the liver to process it further.

Quicker outcomes

The elusive golden tan you desire can be quickly attained indoors. When you don't have enough time to spend enough time in the sun fully tan, it is convenient.

In the same way, tanning indoors in the winter saves you from needless travel expenses to sunnier locales.

You are being watched over by experts

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) frequently advises tanning salons and spas on how much UV radiation is safe to expose clients to.

In turn, the supervisors and salon staff have policies and controls that guarantee no one is exposed to UV rays for longer than the FDA-recommended duration and intensity. According to studies like the one by Reuter Health, there is a less than 1% chance of getting skin cancer or any other chronic skin condition as a result of using a tanning bed.

Better mood and self-esteem

According to WebMD's research, exposure to UV rays makes people happier. Winter is a worse time for depression. Lack of natural sunlight, which is thought to increase Vitamin D and raise levels of serotonin, can cause this illness. A neurotransmitter called serotonin is in charge of controlling the upkeep of mood stability.

Because tanning beds are soothing, they improve your mood. In fact, studies from ScienceDaily demonstrate that exposure to UV rays, whether outdoors in the sun or indoors in tanning beds, causes the release of feel-good endorphins.

These hormones immediately elevate your mood and boost your self-confidence. People are accepting it as a part of who they are. It is suggested for patients with emotional disorders by doctors.

A Cost-Effective Option

Now, getting a good dose of sunshine may require frequent vacation trips to warmer countries if you live in a country with little sunlight.

It is an expensive strategy that entails making travel and lodging arrangements as well as spending a lot of time sunbathing in far-off places. However, you can quickly enjoy the advantages of a tanning bed at a low cost.

Some spas and gyms give regular customers discounts. They are lowering the price for those on a tight budget. Additionally, purchasing your own tanning bed is an option, though the price and available space need to be taken into account.

Essential Supply of Vitamin D 

For strong bones, muscles, teeth, blood levels, and skin pigmentation, vitamin D is a crucial hormone. In contrast, rickets in children and bone pain in adults are symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency.

If so, are you vitamin D deficient? According to research from Research Gate, regularly using an indoor tanning bed will increase your absorption of vitamin D by 40 to 100 nmol/L.

This absorption occurs as a result of the sunbed's UVB rays encouraging the skin to produce vitamin D. Since UVA waves make up the majority of the rays from tanning booths, you will still need to take supplements to the vitamin D that you absorb from the bed.

Aids in Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, indoor tanning can aid in weight loss. Indoor tanning facilitates fat burning and weight loss by speeding up metabolism. The thyroid gland is stimulated by ultraviolet rays, which speed up metabolism.

When your metabolism is strong, you burn more calories. As a result, weight loss from tanning beds aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tanning and Acne Relief

Now, people with oily skin experience the majority of acne breakouts. For this, a tanning session can reduce the appearance of acne by drying out the extra sebum. However, these advantages of tanning for acne are only short-lived because too much dryness can irritate the skin.

Stretch marks recede

Stretch marks and other visible scars are concealed by a suntan or even a spray tan. Here, the imperfections vanish into the tan color, making them invisible. If you're trying to cover up scars and stretch marks, it might be beneficial for you.

They may cause someone to become insecure. Additionally, you can repeat the tanning session as often as necessary to develop a uniform tan that completely hides the spots.

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