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The PH Miracle System and Aging

 The PH Miracle System and Aging

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Many people think of losing weight when they hear the word "diet." Our society's emphasis on thinness may equate to that word by shedding a few pounds. However, diet refers to any food or drink that you consume. Your diet has a significant impact on your overall health. The pH miracle diet is more than just a weight loss plan. In fact, the first volume of this well-known series was devoted to general health. The original pH Miracle System book covers a wide range of topics, including aging.

The relationship between aging and diet

What is the relationship between pH and acidic/alkaline foods? Some experts believe that the amount of acidic foods we consume is entirely responsible for our aging. According to the theory, we are getting older because our bodies are not effectively ridding themselves of waste and toxins.

We use nutrients within our cells to generate energy, maintain body temperature, and keep our bodies running smoothly. Food, whether vegetable or meat, acidic or alkaline, gourmet or fast food, is composed of the same elements: carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Cells require these nutrients to function properly. They "oxidize" or burn them to produce natural acids such as carbonic acids, uric acids, lactic acids, and fatty acids. These acids are excreted by cells as waste products in urine and sweat. These waste acids are not a problem when the body is functioning properly and in a balanced manner. The body can easily eliminate them, and a normal pH of about 7.4 can be maintained.

However, our modern way of life has rendered our bodies incapable of properly ridding themselves of acids. Sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, fatigue, stress, smoking, pollution, and high acid diets (rich in meat and dairy) all prevent our bodies from properly excreting these acids. These lifestyle and dietary factors cause a lot of acid production, which the body simply cannot get rid of.

Worse, modern farming and food production practices are increasing the acidity of foods. Through soil, air quality, and agricultural practices, inorganic acid minerals such as chlorine, phosphorous, and sulfur leach into meat, grain, and root crops. More inorganic acid minerals are being consumed than ever before. All of this contributes to our bodies' inability to eliminate acid.

The balance and PH system

The PH Miracle System provides the ideal balance for our hyper acidic lifestyle, which causes premature aging. The accumulation of acidic elements in the body causes aging. Healthy cells have a low alkaline pH level by nature, and because acids and alkalis are chemical polar opposites, high acid levels destroy cells.

To prevent aging and reverse the effects of acid damage on cells, start by making your diet alkaline according to the pH Miracle Diet principles. It should aid your body in developing a better system for eliminating acidic waste. Then you should make it easier for your body to expel old waste.

Consume alkaline water

The first step is to drink plenty of water, preferably acid-free alkaline water. Just 4 cups of alkaline water outperform 8 cups of regular water. Water ionizers can help you make alkaline water in the comfort of your own home. This water will help flush out your diet and remove any acidity that has accumulated.

Consume more alkaline foods

The pH miracle diet also encourages people to consume more alkaline foods in their diet. Alkaline foods help to restore balance to the body and push the body's remaining acidic waste out. According to supporters of the pH miracle diet, the results include a more youthful glow, more energy, and relief from some aging symptoms such as arthritis.

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