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The richest anti-aging fruit and vegetable juices also protect your skin from the sun

The richest anti-aging fruit and vegetable juices 

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This year, consider the bikini operation most completely. Do not focus only on having a flat stomach or firm buttocks, because now food plays a fundamental role in getting the body to get used to the rise in temperatures earlier and better. This seasonal diet that the experts told us about at the beginning of May advises a good level of hydration, measuring the portions, or bet on seasonal raw materials to make the most of the nutritional power of each dish.

As a novelty that completes this menu of preparation for the summer, there are 4 juices with anti-aging properties that also help make the tan more beautiful and the skin remain hydrated and elastic in the face of sun exposure. The best thing about this quartet is that, in addition, it is prepared with the fresh and delicious fruits that are most desirable in hot weather.

To keep the skin in shape not only in summer, but 365 days a year, sun protection is the most effective beauty treatment according to experts. In fact, many celebrities claim that it is the true anti-aging secret of their daily routines. A powerful shield against the damage caused by UVB and UVA rays that destabilize collagen and elastin, promote the appearance of spots, accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and cause even more serious diseases.

As a reliable solution, sunscreens such as those in the Hawaiian Tropic range, for example, offer oil formulas (Protective Dry Spray Oil Mist SPF30) that work as effectively as a lotion while promoting tanning, as well as environmentally friendly mineral filters. with the environment. A whole selection of plots that smell like summer and that are enhanced with the 4 beauty juices that their experts propose:

1. Orange and kiwi

This juice is "ideal for restoring collagen in the skin, preventing premature aging, hydrating and maintaining the flexibility of the skin," they point out from Hawaiian Tropic about a mixture that requires a blender and 5 ingredients: a glass of water, a kiwi, an orange, a cup of strawberries and four ice cubes. In addition to being rich, these fruits are a source of vitamin C, a key substance in beauty routines that Opuntia Organic wellness centers talk about: "It is a precursor of collagen, increases defenses, and is a powerful antioxidant. It is interesting to make sure that we are consuming foods that contain vitamin C so that, from this, the skin generates enough collagen and is firmer, thicker, and more elastic ".

2. Grapes, apple, and lemon

This other shake from the Hawaiian Tropic works from within to "revitalize the skin and restore the hydration it needs to stay healthy." Purposes are achieved through a recipe based on mineral water, half a lemon, ten grapes, an apple, and an optional spoonful of honey. As an extra help through ultra-concentrated cosmetics, the new limited edition ampoules of the Babor brand have among its range of six references with Hydra, a case that contains seven single doses loaded with hyaluronic acid, betaine from sugar beet, and polysaccharides to provide freshness to the skin and a natural luminosity.

3. The yellow 'smoothie'

It takes its color from the summer sun, a detail that achieves great benefits for the skin: "Yellow peppers have a high content of vitamin C. Beneficial for the immune system, it minimizes and delays the aging process", explain the brand's specialists specialized in sunscreen and now also in self-tanning moisturizing foams, the new Sunless Tan. To prepare it, you just have to gather half a cup of pineapple chunks, two slices of yellow pepper, half an orange, ice, and half a tablespoon of turmeric.

The latter is a spice famous for its digestive properties and also a great cosmetically and that is why it is used in formulations such as the Nourishing Cleansing Oil cleanser and the Balancing Toner de Beauté Mediterránea tonic: a purifying ritual with which it cleanses, protects, hydrates and balances the skin's pH, in addition to achieving the appearance of tighter pores.

4. Green detox 'smoothie'

Finally, the specialists at Hawaiian Tropic explain that "leafy vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli, will give you those extra points you need in your consumption of vitamin B and folic acid that will help take care of your skin." To achieve this, you just have to mix a bunch of spinach, half a cup of broccoli, a small spoon of spirulina seaweed, and half a cup of grapes.

In addition, as an added reason to consume this drink, the international health and wellness company Juice Plus + Company, points to spinach as food that favors good mood: "They are a natural painkiller that prevents irritability, while enhancing good mood, as it contains nutrients that are associated with pleasure and happiness, such as Vitamin B9. This, better known as folic acid, is key when it comes to enjoying good mental health. " Benefits that are strengthened through food supplements such as its Premium Capsules, made up of 30 different varieties of natural fruits, vegetables, and berries.
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